Sugar Shocktober – How To Participate

How Can You Participate in Sugar Shocktober??

SUGAR SHOCK DEMONSTRATIONS: Students, teachers and faculty learn how to sugar shock their favorite drinks to see the alarming amounts of sugar insports drinks, fruit juices and super size sodas using Energy Up! branded materials.

5 DAY SODA FREE PLEDGE: Students and teachers read aloud Energy Up!’s 5 Day Soda Free Pledge in their homeroom/advisory every morning.

HOST A SCHOOL RALLY: Challenge your students, faculty and teachers to take the 5 Day Soda Free Pledge and sign “I Choose To Be Sugar Free” Banner

MENU REQUEST: School principals submits cafeteria request to school food department to remove all Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB’s) from school menu for one week. Participating school cafeterias agree not to sell any Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB’s) including chocolate milk, fruit juices, soda, Vitamin Water, Snapple Ice Tea and/or any other sweetened beverages during Shocktober.

AFTER SCHOOL SNACK REQUEST: Principals agree to eliminate Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB’s) from After School programs snacks during Shocktober.

SHUT DOWN VENDING MACHINES: Principals agree to shut down vending machines and cover with “I Choose To Be Sugar Free” posters during Shocktober.

NO BAKE SALES: Principals suspend any fundraising involving sugar sweetened food products including cupcakes, cookies, candy and sodas during Shocktober.

INVOLVE FACULTY: Encourage all faculty to abstain from conspicuous consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSB’s) on school campus during Shocktober.

GET LOUD & PROUD: Display Energy Up! Sugar Free Shock-tober posters (Sugar Free Zone, I Choose To Be Sugar Free, Energy Up! Affirmations and 5 Day Soda Free Pledge) Post Pledge flyers on doors, walls and hallways

MAKE IT FUN: Host a in-school Energy Up! Sugar Free Shock-tober contest

GET INSPIRED: America’s Top Energy Conductor, Kathie Dolgin aka High Voltage, and her creative team ensures your program’s success by providing colorful graphics, delicious alternatives to sugar sweetened beverages, words of encouragement and ideas for incentives!

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